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At River Associates, we seek to partner with experienced management teams who are dedicated to their businesses, have meaningful monetary investments in their companies, are looking for more than just capital from a financial partner and with whom we share a common vision for building long-term value in their companies. We tailor our transactions to accommodate each owner’s specific goals and work quickly and efficiently to avoid any business disruption. Our “Investments with Management” philosophy effectively captures the spirit of partnership, which guides our actions in all aspects of business.

They walk the talk, they are what they present themselves to be. We went through some very challenging times in the industry. River didn’t panic or overreact; they were very supportive of the business.
Peter Butterfield


What distinguishes River is their relationship approach as well as their thoroughness and the diligence they do on the front end. They bring significant experience from multiple decades to the table.
Pete Notter

Twin Brook Capital Partners (non-investor; no compensation; no conflicts)

Our partnership with River was an important part of Weaver's evolution as a company. Their thoughtful and collaborative approach helped us refine our strategy and strengthen our brand in the markets we serve all while preserving our unique company culture and core values. The support they provide, both financial and strategic, is built on a foundation of trust established by strong relationships. We are a better company for having partnered with them.
Jason Weaver

CEO & President Weaver Leather

The right balance of strategic guidance and hands-on involvement

Once we partner with management teams, we believe that daily operational autonomy should be in management’s hands. We view our role as that of active board members and pride ourselves on being great partners for management. Senior management team members participate in an annual bonus program administered by the board as well as long-term incentive equity programs. Generally, at least one or two senior managers will join the board of directors. We support the vision of our management teams and work with them to help clarify and prioritize strategic initiatives, including additions in personnel, systems, and equipment. In the case of planned growth by acquisition, we often lead acquisition searches and perform much of the due diligence and legal negotiations to facilitate the transaction for our partners.

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