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Bottom Line: It’s never about any one transaction; it’s always about the relationship

River Associates values its relationships with all intermediaries including business brokers, investment bankers, consultants, accountants and attorneys. We recognize that our past success and future prospects depend on quality acquisition opportunities. These opportunities have and will come from intermediaries who have confidence in our ability to quickly close a transaction in accordance with our original offer as well as our commitment to treat acquisition candidates and intermediaries alike with responsiveness and respect. We only make a handful of investments each year and they are all very important to the partners of River Associates who have substantial personal capital committed to each investment.
We often look at what level of engagement we receive from the senior members of the transaction. Very early on you can assess the level of interest by the amount of partner involvement. When River is interested in a company, their substantial senior-level attention makes it apparent.
Kurt Haras

Quarton (non-investor; no compensation; no conflicts)

Part of their due diligence when they come to meetings is that they are very well prepared. River does a thorough job on the front end; they’re very inquisitive but in the right way, having straightforward discussions with the team to try to understand the business.
Kent Adams

BMO (non-investor; no compensation; no conflicts)

These guys are very thoughtful. We always tell our clients that we’ve known them for 15 plus years, they’re one of the older PE firms and have been around a long time. They’re good guys and really do what they say.
Chrisanne Corbett

KPMG (non-investor; no compensation; no conflicts)

Follow Through: We Keep Our Word

We attempt to structure transactions that are fair to all parties and are in the long-term best interests of the target companies. We give an honest appraisal of the value of the company based on the information provided. We do not submit unrealistically high bids with the intention of gaining a position of negotiating leverage and later lowering the price. With a long-standing history of investments and financing relationships with numerous lending partners, we have the ability to quickly close on a transaction.

In buy-side relationships, River Associates expects to fairly compensate intermediaries for closed transactions and has worked under a variety of fee structures. Further, we have even offered intermediaries the ability to purchase equity in transactions where interest is expressed and where the intermediary can add value through assisting us in our search for add-on acquisitions.

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