Who We Are

Transparent, Ethical and Seasoned Partners

At River, investments are more than financial transactions. Guided by our philosophy of “Investments with Management”, we focus on developing meaningful partnerships based on mutual respect, trust and integrity. Success is defined not only by returns for our investors but also by the answer to one simple question for our management teams: Would you partner with River Associates again? This commitment to people drives everything we do.

Investment History

118 investments and 95 realizations over the past 34 years

Exclusive Focus

A limited number of niche LMM opportunities are undertaken annually

Value Creation

Transform entrepreneurial businesses into larger sophisticated platforms

Strong Reputation

Over a quarter century building meaningful relationships and references

Senior Level Attention

Five partners with 130+ years of combined tenure at River

Capital Access

Currently investing River VIII with $345 million in committed capital

Informed and efficient process

The partners and professionals at River Associates have diverse backgrounds including operations, finance, accounting, commercial banking and investment banking. During the transaction process we are very focused in our approach and have built a network of efficient, business minded third-party diligence providers to help drive the process. We also have established deep relationships with numerous lending partners throughout North America. We believe this approach allows us to make informed decisions and move quickly to a closing.

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Investment Strategy

Criteria for investment candidates / What we look for in our investments

Our Summary Overview

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