Omega Acquisition Corp. is Sold to AEA Investors

Chattanooga, TN, September 29, 2016

River Associates Investments, LLC (“River”), a leading lower middle market private equity firm based in Chattanooga, TN, announced the completion of the sale of Omega Acquisition Corp. (the “Company”) to AEA Investors.

In January 2012, River acquired Auto Air Export, Inc. (d/b/a Omega Environmental Technologies) (“Omega”), a distributor of aftermarket climate control products with sales in over 85 countries worldwide. In connection with the acquisition of Omega, River recruited experienced industry veteran Peter Butterfield as an outside board member. With the December 2012 strategic add-on acquisitions of Global Parts Distributions, LLC (“Global”) and Santech Industries, LLC (“Santech”), the Company became the second largest provider of aftermarket air conditioning components domestically and the largest U.S. exporter. Additionally, River promoted Peter as Chairman and CEO of the Company, and also hired other key managers, including a CFO, Controller, and a VP of Sales & Marketing for the Omega/Santech division.

“The Company is led by an extremely talented and professional management team.” commented Mike Brookshire, Partner of River Associates. “Their ambition and passion for the business, coupled with unmatched industry experience, is what drove the Company to becoming a clear leader in the industry. I am thrilled to have worked closely alongside them and am very excited about the future of the Company”.

Peter Butterfield, CEO and Chairman of Omega Acquisition Corp., said, “The principals at River Associates are true, honest and experienced partners, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of their support and guidance over the last four years.”

About Omega Acquisition Corp.

Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Omega Acquisition Corp, comprised of Omega, Global and Santech, is a leading global provider of aftermarket climate control components for a broad range of vehicles, including light vehicles, heavy duty trucks, agricultural / off-road equipment and specialty markets. With sales to over 85 countries, the Company has established a leading market position by providing a diverse range of customers with an unmatched combination of products and solutions to meet their distinct channel and market requirements. The Company serves as a value-added partner through an extensive product portfolio (20,000+ active SKUs) and a unique range of value added solutions, including technical support, marketing and merchandising.