Quikserv Corp. Acquires Easi-Serv Products

Chattanooga, TN, October 26, 2018

River Associates Investments (“River Associates”), a longstanding lower middle market private equity firm based in Chattanooga, TN, announced the acquisition and integration of Easi-Serv Products (“Easi-Serv) by its Houston, TX portfolio company Quikserv Corp. (“Quikserv”), a leading North American manufacturer of transaction windows, drawer systems, and window security solutions.

Based in Burnaby, British Columbia and with over 40-years of customer service, Easi-Serv brings decades of industry knowledge and a highly-regarded vertical lift window line to Quikserv. The merger combines the industry’s leading suppliers for transaction windows in their respective markets and will optimize synergies in sales, marketing and engineering to further strengthen Quikserv’s position in the North American market.

“We were drawn to Easi-Serv’s reputation in the market, both in Canada and beyond,” said Jason Epps, President of Quikserv Corp. “The integration perfectly aligns with Quikserv’s strategy to broaden our product lines, customer segments, market reach and spur our overall company growth. We’re very pleased to have Easi-Serv on board.”

“Easi-Serv is excited to join the Quikserv family,” said Brian Hanson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Easi-Serv. “Quikserv is widely known in the pass-thru industry for their customer service and quality craftsmanship. Their manufacturing capabilities will open numerous opportunities for us to better serve our customers.”

River Associates and the management team at Quikserv continue to seek complementary strategic acquisition partners for the company. Please contact Mark Jones for additional information.

About Quikserv
Quikserv Corporation is a premier manufacturer of pass-thru and security transaction systems based in Houston, Texas. For over 30 years Quikserv has been a market leader in transaction windows employing expert craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. They offer one of the widest product lines available for transaction windows, ticket windows, transaction drawers and bullet resistant solutions. For more information visit www.quikserv.com or call 1-800-388-8307 to speak to a representative.

About Easi-Serv Products
Easi-Serv Products, based in Burnaby, BC Canada has provided industry leading solutions for the quick serve restaurant industry for over 40 years with its flagship line of transaction windows. The company is known for its custom-tailored window solutions and market leadership in Canada.